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Jesse H. Goldberg, M.D., Ph.D



Neurobiology and Behavior

W117 Mudd Hall

Cornell University

Ithaca, NY 14853

Office: (607) 254-4325

Fax: (607) 254-1303

email: jessehgoldberg@gmail.com

web: www.nbb.cornell.edu/goldberg/




2005                         M.D., Columbia University, New York, NY

2004                         Ph.D., Neuroscience, Columbia University, New York, NY

1997                         B.S., Biology, Haverford College, Haverford, PA.

1995-1996               Biochemistry Department, Pembroke College, Oxford University, Oxford, England.

1989-1993               Walt Whitman High School, Bethesda, MD



2012-present             Assistant Professor and Robert R. Capranica Fellow, Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University

2005-2012                Post-doctoral associate, Laboratory of Michale S. Fee, McGovern Institute for Brain Research, M.I.T.

2001                         Methods in Computational Neuroscience, Marine Biological Lab, Woods Hole, MA.

1997-2005                Medical Scientist Training Program, Laboratory of Rafael Yuste, Columbia University

1995-1997                Undergraduate fellow, Laboratory of Daniel Alkon, NINDS, NIH.


2016                          Kavli Fellow

2015-2020                NIH New Innovator

2014-2018                Pew Biomedical Scholar

2014-2016                NSF BRAIN EAGER AWARD

2013-2016                Klingenstein Fellowship in the Neurosciences

2010-2015                K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award, NINDS

2009-2010                Charles King Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship

2005-2008                Damon Runyon Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

2004                         Dean’s Award for best Ph.D. thesis, Columbia University

2004                         Ph.D. thesis awarded with distinction, Columbia University

1997-2005                Medical Scientist Training Program Scholarship

1997                         Phi Beta Kappa Society, Haverford College

1997                         Honors Thesis in Biology, Haverford College



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[1] Cavallaro S, Meiri N, Yi C, Musco S, Ma W, Goldberg JH, Alkon DL.  Late memory-related genes in the hippocampus revealed by RNA fingerprinting, PNAS 94 (1999): 9669-9673.

Ongoing Research Support

NIH DP2 New Innovator Award - 9/2015-9/2020

NIH R01 - 9/2015-9/2020

Pew Charitable Trusts - 9/2014-9/2018

NSF BRAIN EAGER - 9/2014-9/2016

Cornell University Start-up funds - 9/01/2012-ongoing

NIH R00 Career Development Award - 9/2012-8/2015

Klingenstein Fellowship - 7/2013-6/2015


NIH K99 Career Development Award - 9/2010-8/2012

Charles King Trust Fellowship - 7/09-8/2010 

Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Fellowship - 1/06-12/08

Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), Columbia Univ. - 9/1997-5/2005


2016 May Cold Spring Harbor Neuroscience Seminar Series, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

2016 May Klingenstein Annual Meeting, NY, NY

2016 Mar German-American Kavli Frontiers of Science Symposium, Pottsdam, Germany

2016 Mar HHMI Janelia Farm, Central Complex IV

2015 Sep Plenary Speaker, Collaborative Research in Computational Neuroscience, Seattle

2015 Sep Meinig Sympoisum, Dept of biomedical engineering (Cornell)

2015 Sep Electron Devices Society talk, Dept Electrical and Computer Engineering (Cornell)

2015 Apr HHMI Janelia Farm, Thalamus and corticothalamic interactions

2015 May Klingenstein Annual Meeting, New York, NY

2015 Mar Pew Scholars Annual Meeting, Vieques, Puerto Rico

2015 Mar Computational and Systems Neuroscience Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

2014 Jul Organization for Computational Neurosciences Meeting, Quebec City

2014 May Dept of Neuroscience, University of Pittsburgh

2013 Nov FENS Conference on Neurobiology of Action, Stresa, Italy

2013 May Janelia Farm Workshop on Efference Copy, Ashburn, VA

2013 Feb Dept of Neurobiology, Weizman Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

2012 Mar Center for Neural Science, New York University, NY, NY

2012 Mar Princeton Neuroscience Institute (Princeton University), Princeton, NJ

2012 Mar Dept of Neuroscience, Columbia Medical School, NY, NY

2012 Feb Dept of Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University, Ithaca

2012 Feb Dept of Physiology, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL

2012 Feb Dept of Neurobiology, Northwestern University, Evanston, IL

2012 Feb Dept of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

2012 Feb Dept of Psychology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

2012 Feb Rockefeller University, NY, NY

2012 Feb Dept of Psychological and Brain Sciences (Johns Hopkins), Baltimore, MD

2012 Feb Brain Sciences Institute, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD

2011 Dec Dept of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

2011 Dec SPINEs, Neuroscience Institute, NYU Medical Center, NY, NY



2016, Editorial Board, Frontiers Neuroscience

2015, Abstract reviewer, Computational and Systems Neuroscience Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

2014-2016 Grant reviewer, Israel Science Foundation

2015 Apr Co-organizer, Thalamus and corticothalamic interactions, HHMI, Ashburn, VA

2014 Oct NSF Panelist, Modulation panel P150035

2013, Abstract reviewer, Computational and Systems Neuroscience Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT

2013, Grant reviewer, Neurological Foundation of New Zealand

2010-present, Member, International basal ganglia society

1999-present, Member, Society for Neuroscience,

Manuscript Reviewer: Neuron, Journal of Neurophysiology, Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of

                          Physiology, eLife, Royal Proceedings B, Brain and Behavioral Sciences, PLOS Biology

Member, International Basal Ganglia Society, 2010 – present

Member, Society for Neuroscience, 1999 – present



2016                            BIOG 3020 – Research Skills Seminar (Guest lecture)

2015                            BIONB 4200 – Microcircuits of the Neocortex

2012, 2014                  BIONB 4320 – Neural Circuits for Motor Control in Health and Disease

2013-present               BIONB 2220 – Introduction to Neuroscience (Motor systems section)



Cornell Electron Devices Society talk

Co-PI, T15 Training Grant NLM Informatics, 2016

Plenary Speaker, Splash! Cornell 2015

Cornell Neurotech committee, 2015-present

Fundraising trip to Morgan Stanley with Dean Ritter, Apr 2015

Dept of Neurobiology and Behavior Graduate admissions committee, 2013-present

Dept of Neurobiology and Behavior Faculty search committee, 2014-present

House Fellow, Hans Bethe House, 2014-present



Graduate mentor: Tejapratap Bollu, Ruidong Chen

Thesis Committee: Ryan Post, Changwoo Seo, Chananel Braiman


Class of 2015: Eliza Baird-Daniel, Eric Gao, Raghav Subramaniam

Class of 2016: Tori Riccelli, Alexander Farhang, Jieying Wu

Class of 2017: Nitin Shyamkumar, Nikil Prasad

Class of 2018: Kamal Maher

Class of 2019: Archana Podury