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Spring 2020

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Jan 24 Andrea Roeser

Daie et al. (in review) Targeted photostimulation uncovers circuit 1 motifs supporting short-term memory


Jan 31 Grad recruitment - no journal club


Feb 7 Matt Meiselman

KIm et al. (2017) Quantitative Predictions Orchestrate Visual Signaling in Drosophil. Cell. 168, 280–294


Feb 14 Jesse Goldberg

Turner-Evans et al. (2017) Angular velocity integration in a fly heading circuit. eLife. 6:e23496.

Feb 21 Brendan Ito

Fernandez-Ruiz et al.,  (2019) Long-duration hippocampal sharp wave ripples improve memory. Science 364, 1082–1086


Feb 28 Kristine Kolkman

Catherine R von Reyn et al.  (2014) A spike-timing mechanism for action selection. Nature Neuroscience 17:962-970.


Mar 6 Caitlin Miller

Inoue et al. ( 2019) Periodic Remodeling in a Neural Circuit Governs Timing of Female Sexual Behavior. Cell. 179, 1393–1408


Mar 13 Ryan Post

Zimmer et al. (2019) Functional Ontogeny of Hypothalamic Agrp Neuronsin Neonatal Mouse Behaviors. Cell 178:44-59


Mar 20 Yi Yun Ho

Kim,et al. (2019). Transneuronal propagation of pathologic ?-synuclein from the gut to the brain models Parkinson’s disease. Neuron, 103(4), 627-641. 


Mar 27 Anne Buglione

Mischiati et al. (2015) Internal models direct dragonfly interception steering. Nature volume 517: 333–338


Apr 10 Xu (Heidi) Huang

Zhang et al. (2020) Amygdala Reward Neurons Form and Store 1 Fear Extinction Memory. Neuron. 105, 1–17


Apr 17 Anindita Das

Todorova and Zugaro (2019)Isolated cortical computations during delta waves support memory consolidation. Science. 366, 377–381


Apr 24 Eric Schuppe

Dulcis et al. (2017) Neurotransmitter Switching Regulated by miRNAsControls Changes in Social Preference. Neuron 95: 1319–1333


May 1 Caleb Vogt

Gidon et al. (2020) Dendritic action potentials and computation in human layer 2/3 cortical neurons.Science 367, 83–87




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