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Jan 27   Kim McArthur

Lane et al. 2016. Synergistic plasticity of intrinsic conductance and electrical coupling restores synchrony in an intact motor network. eLife.


Feb  3   Yuval Baumel

Sarel et al. (2017) Vectorial representation of spatial goals in the hippocampus of bats. Science.


Feb  10    Pavel Puzerey

Liu et al. 2016.Cortico-fugal output from visual cortex promotes plasticity of innate motor behaviour. Nature.


Feb 17  Andrea Roeser

Nandy et al. (2017) Laminar Organization of Attentional Modulation in Macaque Visual Area V4. Neuron.


Feb 24   Akash Guru

Liberti III et al. 2016. Unstable neurons underlie a stable learned behavior. Nature Neuroscience.


Mar 3   Rose Tatarsky

Kawashima et al. (2016) The Serotonergic System Tracks the Outcomesof Actions to Mediate Short-Term Motor Learning. Cell.


Mar 10   Ron Harris-Warrick

Manglik et al. 2016. Structure-based discovery of opioid analgesics with reduced side effects. Nature.


Mar 17   Yu-Ting Cheng

Arcourt et al. 2016. Touch Receptor-Derived Sensory Information Alleviates Acute Pain Signaling and Fine-Tunes Nociceptive Reflex Coordination. Neuron


Mar 24    Saumya Sahai

Soares et la. (2017) Midbrain dopamine neurons control judgment of time. Science.


Mar 31   Changwoo Seo

Han et al.  2017. Integrated Control of Predatory Hunting by the Central Nucleus of the Amygdala. Cell


Apr 14   Ruidong Chen

Tan, et al. (2016) Warm-Sensitive Neurons that Control BodyTemperature. Cell.


Apr 21 Ryan Post

Iaccarino et al. 2016. Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia. Nature.


Apr 28 Andy Bass

Kerk et al. 2017. Diversification of C. elegans Motor Neuron Identity via Selective Effector Gene Repression. Neuron.


May 5   Dawnis Chow

Karunakaran et al. (2016) PV plasticity sustained through D1/5 dopamine signaling required for long-term memory consolidation. Nature Neuroscience.




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