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FALL 2017

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Aug 25 David Bulkin

Guo et al.  (2017) A Corticothalamic Circuit for Dynamic Switching between Feature Detection and Discrimination. Neuron


Sept  1   Kim McArthur

Sakurai and Katz (2017) Artificial Synaptic Rewiring Demonstrates that Distinct Neural Circuit Configurations Underlie Homologous Behaviors. Current Biology


Sept  8   Nilay Yapici

Bendesky et al. (2017) The genetic basis of parental care evolution in monogamous mice. Nature

Sept  15  Jesse Goldberg

Wallace et al. (2017) Genetically Distinct Parallel Pathways in the Entopeduncular Nucleus for Limbic and Sensorimotor Output of the Basal Ganglia. Neuron

Sept 22  Christiane Linster

Vilares and Kording (2017) Dopaminergic medication increases reliance oncurrent information in Parkinson’s disease Nature Human Behavior.

Sept  29   Rose Tatarsky

Gulati et la. (2017) Neural reactivations during sleep determine network credit assignment. Nature Neuroscience


Oct 6   Dawnis Chow

Bohm et al. (2016) CSF-contacting neurons regulate locomotion by relaying mechanical stimuli to spinal circuits. Nature Comm.


Oct 13 Saumya Sahai  

Liu et la. (2017) Branch-specific plasticity of a bifunctional dopamine circuit encodes protein hunger. Science


Oct 20 Akash Guru 

Runyan et al.  (2017) Distinct timescales of population coding across cortex. Nature.


Oct 27    Melissa Warden

Driscoll et al. (2017) Dynamic Reorganization of Neuronal Activity Patterns in Parietal Cortex. Cell.


Nov 3 Vikram Gadagkar 

Aronov et al., (2017) Mapping of a non-spatial dimension by the hippocampal–entorhinal circuit. Nature.


Nov 10 NONE Neurosci. meeting


Nov 17 NONE Post Neurosci. recovery


Dec. 1 Ruidong Chen

Chang et al., (2017) The Code for Facial Identity in the Primate Brain. Cell.





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