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Spring 2019

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Jan 25 Kristine Kolkmann

Enikolopov et al. (2018) Internally Generated Predictions Enhance Neural and Behavioral Detection of Sensory Stimuli in an Electric Fish Neuron 99, 135146


Feb 1 Teja Bollu

Mattar and Daw (2018) Prioritized memory access explains planning andhippocampal replay. Nature Neuroscience VOL 21: 16091617


Feb 8 Andrea Roeser

Biswas et al. (2018) Closed-Loop Control of Active Sensing Movements Regulates Sensory Slip. Current Biology 28, 40294036


Feb 15 Changwoo Seo

Rhoades et al. (2019) ASICs Mediate Food Responses in an Enteric Serotonergic Neuron that Controls Foraging Behaviors. Cell 176, 8597

Feb 22 Nilay Yapici

Kaelberer et al. (2018) A gut-brain neural circuit for nutrient sensory transduction.

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Mar 1 Anindita Das 

Rodenkirch et al. (2019) Locus coeruleus activation enhances thalamicfeature selectivity via norepinephrine regulation of intrathalamic circuit dynamics. Nature Neurosc ience 22: 120-133


Mar 8  Yu-Ting Cheng

Fang et al., (2018) A Hypothalamic Midbrain Pathway Essential for Driving Maternal Behaviors. Neuron 98, 192207


Mar 15 Yuval Baumel

Allsop et al., (2018) Corticoamygdala Transfer of Socially Derived Information Gates Observational Learning. Cell 173, 114


Mar 22 Melissa Warden

Albergaria et al. (2018) Locomotor activity modulates associative learningin mouse cerebellum. Nature Neuroscience. 21:725735

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Mar 29 Brianna Sleezer

Oemisch et la., (2019) Feature-specific prediction errors and surpriseacross macaque fronto-striatal circuits. Nature Communications. 10:176

April 12 Ryan Post

Weele et al. (2018) Dopamine enhances signal-to-noise ratio incortical-brainstem encoding of aversive stimuli. Nature


April 19 Matt Meiselman new baby delay


April 26 Brendan Ito

Carta et al. (2019) Cerebellar modulation of the rewardcircuitry and social behavior. Science 363, eaav0581 (2019)


May 3 Caitlin Miller

Bayless et al., (2019) Limbic Neurons Shape Sex Recognition and Social Behavior in Sexually Naive Males. Cell. 176:1-16.




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