Guidelines for paper selection.

The journal club will focus on presentation of recent papers of consequence and potentially broad interest.а Please choose only ONE paper for the folks to read.а The paper should not be crappy – it might have some flaws, as most do, but if it is simply terrible all around you should not have picked it in the first place.а Think about ones that might generate interest and discussion, and even educate some of us about new directions in the field.а Be cognizant of the composition of the department.а Some tiny little specific question important to your narrow obsession and of little consequence to anyone else is not a wise choice.а That is better for your lab paper discussion groups.

Ask yourself:

Does this address a big issue of broad interest or a lingering critical question whose importance you can make clear to the audience?

Does it open up new directions or use a particularly compelling experimental strategy?

Does it have some tie to things of behavioral consequence since we mostly are interested in neurons as they relate to behavior?

Is it likely to generate discussion among people interested in the neuronal basis of behavior?

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