Welcome to the Fetcho Lab

Nearly everything we do depends on our brains.  The same is true for other animals, which is not so surprising, because we share an ancestor with them (yes, evolution happened!).  This shared ancestry means that the brains of all animals have much in common, so we can study any one of them to learn about our own.  My lab attempts to reveal how vertebrate brains work by studying an animal, transparent young zebrafish, in which we can literally watch the brain as it is built and as it works.  Have a look at what we do here.

Click here to watch Joe answer five questions about his work and himself.

Click HERE to watch Joe give the public (hopefully accessible) hour long, prestigious (yes, the choice of Joe was a bit dicey) Forbes lecture sponsored by the Grass Foundation and given at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole.

If you do not know the origins of studies of circuits in zebrafish because you are new to it, or you are old to it, but ignore prior work, then click here and read this review.

Joe Fetcho 2014