Sex-Role Reversal Popular Articles

© Natalie J. Demong

11. National Wildlife Magazine, (July/August 2000) Vol. 30(4):28-35. Line, Les. "A Male's Work is Never Done." (An article describing Emlen's research on the battle of the sexes in sex-role reversed jacanas.)

10. Birder's World, (April 1999) Vol. 13(2):12. "In Battle of Sexes, Female's Triumph".

9. ScienceNOW, (December 22, 1998). Ferguson, C., "The feathered feminist".

8. The New York Times, (Science Times) (December 22, 1998). Yoon, Carol K. "In This Battle of the Sexes, the Females Win".

BioScience, (March 1996) Vol. 46(3):174-177. Brown, K., "Infanticide as a way to get ahead". (An article describing infanticide in jacanas lions and primates, all in the perspective of sexual selection)

6. Discover Magazine, (September 1996), Vol.17:73-78. Zimmer, C., "First, kill the babies". (Article describing the adaptive value of infanticide, drawing on Emlen's observations of infanticidal killing of young by female jacanas.)

5. Nature Australia, (Spring 1995), Vol. 25(2):26-28. Demong, N.J. and Emlen, S.T., "Signals of the flesh." (A popular article describing the colorful, fleshy facial ornamentation of jacanas.)

4. Cordilidad, (January 1992), pp. 83-88. Schultz, William G., "Tropical shorebirds/Aves riberanes del tropico". (An article in both English and Spanish discussing Emlen's research with sex-role reversed jacanas.) (Cordilidad is the official publication of Copa, The Panamanian Airline).

3. Discover Magazine, (April 1992), pp: 70-75. Diamond, Jared, "Reversal of Fortune". (Article describing species in which males raise the young and females are emancipated from parental care; stresses Emlen's work on sex-role reversed jacanas).

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1. El Panama America (Panamanian Newspaper), (3 Marzo, 1992). "Aves tropicales riberenas podrian explicar la guerre de sexos".