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 Research in this lab concerns the neural basis of animal communication, including studies of mechanisms of signal generation, signal localization, and signal recognition in the context of species recognition.  Our focus is on communication in the electrosensory modality of fish.

Brienomyrus hopkinsi from the Ivindo River in Gabon (Photo: C. Hopkins).

The current projects include:

(1) Temporal coding in the electrosensory system of mormyrid electric fish and its role in species recognition;

(2) behavioral mechanisms of passive electrolocation.

(3) Phylogeny of mormyrid electric fishes studied using molecular techniques.

(4) Systematics of a group of endemic species of mormyrid fishes in the genus Brienomyrus from Gabon.

(5) Evolution and ontogeny of electrogenesis.
Collaboration with the Gabon CENAREST: Research Request

(6) Fieldwork: A survey of the freshwater fishes of Gabon, 100 years after the explorations of Mary H. Kingsley.

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