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Bluebird Nestlings

Field work at Hastings

We regularly hire interns to work at Hastings Reservation in central coastal California on either the acorn woodpecker or oak projects; over 130 such students have worked for us over the past 30 years, many of whom have gone on to become researchers on their own. Because of timing, most of the interns we hire are in a 'gap' year between college graduation and entering grad school. However, we are always interested in hiring undergrads that are willing to take time off or who would like some training during the summer.

Our two main field seasons are spring (March through mid-July) and winter (September through mid-March); we also sometimes hire people during the summer (July and August); general these are undergraduates that we hire by means of NSF's REU program. None of these positions pay a lot, but they offer great opportunities for field experience and usually come with a free Hastings t-shirt. Please contact me (here) or, better yet, my colleague Eric Walters well in advance if you're interested.

Want to see what Hastings looks like and hear some (now somewhat dated) talks about some of the work that's being done there, including the acorn woodpecker study that we hire interns for? You can watch an entire show covering these and more on YouTube at NRS Hastings film.


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Hastings Reserve

Hastings Reserve in Carmel Valley, CA (photo © David Gubernick)

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Walter D. Koenig

38601 E. Carmel Valley Rd. Carmel Valley, CA 93924
Ph: 607 - 221-7591

Photo Credit

Pictures of the Hastings Reservation by David Gubernick