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2014-2015 Teaching in Neurobiology and Behavior

BioNB 2210 - Lecture and discussion (team taught)

BioNB 7210 - Graduate enrichment course in animal behavior

BioNB 6702/NTRES 6702 - Special Topics in Behavioral Ecology (with J. L. Dickinson)


BioNB 4340 - Advanced Behavioral Ecology. 4 units. Lectures and discussion; a writing in the majors course. A writing-intensive course for upper-division undergrads and beginning grad students interested in behavioral ecology and sociobiology. Lectures, discussions, and student presentations examine topics including adaptation, communication, life-history strategies, mating systems, optimal foraging, sexual selection, sex ratios, inbreeding and outbreeding, altruism, kin recognition, and conflict and cooperation in animal societies.

BioNB 4340, 28 Oct 2014. Back row: Tyler, Emily, Ruth, Jonathan, Phoebe, Natasha, Joseph, Rose, Zephyr, Ryan, Maria, and Rebekah. In font: Josh and Walt.

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Walter D. Koenig

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Acorn woodpecker feeding at the nest

Acorn woodpecker feeding at the nest